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Book a flight with just 24-hour notice on our fleet of new HondaJet Elite aircraft. With 365* day availability for service in the Western and Southwestern US, our HondaJet Elites were purpose built to reliably deliver non-stop trips three hours or less with speed, comfort and efficiency. We are committed to safety, transparency and simplicity – leaving our customers with only one question to answer...


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25 Hour JET CARD

Enjoy the benefits of guaranteed access without the larger hourly commitment of purchasing a fractional share interest. A Membership includes 25 occupied hours of guaranteed usage per year* with only 24 hours of notice required before you fly. Pay one up front amount and then fly for a fixed hourly rate over the next twelve months. Members do not pay for flight hours spent ferrying empty aircraft within the service area.

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Share Ownership

Purchase a share in the HondaJet Elite through our Ownership program at a fraction of the cost of acquiring an entire aircraft. Each 1/5 share guarantees 75 occupied hours of usage per year* in each of five years, with 24 hours of notice before you fly. Owners do not pay for flight hours spent ferrying empty aircraft within the service area. Share ownership programs such as ours consist of an initial buy-in and a guaranteed hourly rate during the contract term. Enjoy the tax and operational benefits of having a plane without all the work.

Jettoken Charter Card

Charter Card

Look, book & fly with our industry leading APP and refillable charter card. Fly on aircraft with operators vetted for safety by Wyvern and ARG/US, across all categories from turbo-prop to heavy jet.

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Available For IOS and Android

No Membership Fees. No Surprises.

Choose any one-way or round-trip flight on the mobile app with transparent pricing and instant booking options on over 1,500+ safety-vetted operators, worldwide. Our highly experienced Jet Token service team is dedicated to delivering personalized service 24/7/365.